Ena Yoga

The   n  a  Journey

My journey here started on April 26, 2011 – the day I took my first Bikram Yoga class. “Hot” Yoga as they call it, is a sequence of 26 yoga postures performed in a room heated to 104°F with 40 % humidity. They say when you take your first couple of classes, the goal should be to stay in the room. That’s all. Everything else you do is icing on the cake. I’m not sure that day if I made it without leaving the room. The memory of my first few Bikram Yoga classes is faint. However, there is one thing I knew for sure: I would never stop going. My life changed that day. Something about the way my body and mind transformed in the days, weeks and months after my first class is something I will never forget. I was forever changed. Sounds corny to some, but for me it was real.

So here I was, dedicating myself to this new practice, but with nothing to wear. I couldn’t wear my normal gym clothes; it was just too hot in the room. I was also too shy to wear what they were selling in the studio. I wouldn’t fit in the clothing, for one thing. Second, it was so expensive! I searched in stores and online for yoga clothing I would feel comfortable in, would suit my body type and that I could afford, but never found the right combination of all three. I bought some stuff here and there, and some worked, but most didn’t. So I found myself with 2-3 good outfits that I rotated through. I knew that I was in this forever, and a few good outfits wasn’t going to work. I also knew that there were many other people in the same situation I was in. And so e•n•a yoga apparel was born…

I hope you love this line as much as I do. Namaste. Ena

Just. Get. Moving!

ENA YOGA APPAREL is designed for all types of active lifestyles.

Not only did I want to have functional, affordable and fashionable apparel for me, I also wanted it for all the other women who were in my situation. I wanted it for the people who would never step foot in a hot yoga room because they didn’t have anything to wear. My deepest desire is to get people moving. I want you out there, in the hot yoga room, sweating it out with me. And if you want to sweat it out in the gym, that’s ok too!!


This line was designed by Boston based fashion designer Cibeline Sariano (www.cibelinesariano.com). A million thank you’s would not be enough for the endless dedication she put into this line and for that I am eternally grateful.